Poker Promo Codes

It is a commonly held view that you need to have a promo code to join a Poker site and get the promotional bonus, but this really isn’t the case, as most promotional bonuses are simply awarded to you when you sign up.

A promotional bonus may come in one of many formats. Some Poker sites may call them first deposit sign up bonuses, or welcome bonuses, while some offer free cash just for signing up. In most cases, you will just get the bonus when you sign up, with no promo code required at all.

All sites are different though, and some do require a promo code. In these cases the codes are generally already included in the relevant box, on the sign up page.

The most important thing to do is to read the terms and conditions of the particular Poker site and particualr offer before you sign up, and make sure you understand them. If you are not sure, then most sites have a live chat facility, or you can email them any questions you may have.

The reason for this? Well because your bonus could be depended on your FIRST deposit. So you don’t want to go crashing in and opening an account, depositing a tenner, and then realising if you had deposited £100.00, the Poker site would have given you a £100.00 bonus absolutely.

Below is a list of Poker sites and whether a promo code is needed or not……….

Betvictor Poker – No Promo Code is currently required to open an account.

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