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Use Bookmakers sign up offers for opening Casino accounts

Many casinos also double up as bookmakers and have a Sportsbook section that also offers new customers a sign up option, and on certain occasions these offers might actually be more lucrative than their casino offers.

For example, a Casino might be offering £10 free to new customers, while their Sportsbook arm might be offering a £50 free bet.

Generally, you can use same login for both the Casino and Sportsbook. As one login serves all platforms, including Bingo, Poker, etc.

So what this means is, you can sign up through the Sportsbook promotion and get the £50 free bet. And you can still use the Casino on the same login.

Bookmakers sportsbook offers can be better value than casino offers

You can’t do both offers though. So you couldn’t claim the Sportsbook sign up offer and the Casino sign up offer, it would have to be one or the other. The key is, to work out which sign up offer looks the most profitable for you. And then use that particular offer.

There is absolutely nothing to stop you signing up for a Sportsbook offer, and only placing one bet. And then continually using the Casino.

The free bets can be very good offers. For example, some bookmakers offer Welcome Bonuses of up to £200 (these are based on deposit bonuses). While some bookmakers offer free bets, such as £50.

These days a common theme with the bookmakers is to offer an enhanced price on a football match, or a team to win the league, etc. For example, Coral are currently offering new customers 12/1 on Manchester City to win the Premier League.

These offers can be great value, and if you gamble smarter, you can place these bets and then cover them on a betting exchange (such as Betfair). This ensures you don’t lose your stake.

These sort of techniques are used by betting systems that work such as the Profit Maximiser arbitrage system. Which also has Casino free spins, and Bingo sign up offers, for you too cash in and make risk free money from.

Casino Promo Codes

Taking advantage of casino promo codes boosts your balance, and is great for new casino players.

Promo codes can be required when opening a new casino account. It is imperative that you make sure the correct casino promo codes are correct, and in the right box. Otherwise you could miss out on the offer altogether.

The below example shows how a promo code needs to be entered. Failure to add the promo code, would have meant missing out on the offer.

Casino Promo Codes
example of how Casino Promo Codes work

Not all casinos require a promo code. Some will add your automatically add your bonus when you join. Not all do though, which is why it is imperative to check before you sign up.

For existing customers, there are often seasonal or weekly rewards, which can occasionally require bonus codes.

Wagering Requirements

Don’t forget to always check the wagering requirements. These vary from casino to casino, so you will always need to keep an eye on this.

Wagering requirements mean you have to roll over a deposit bonus (and winnings) a number of times before you can withdraw it.

So for example if you need to roll over a £10 bonus 15 times (x15), you would need to play through £150. Then you have met the wagering requirements for your bonus.